When I was teaching in Holland in 2013, one participant was a professional Healer and Spiritual Psychologist. He had been using the GDV technology in his practice; he would take measurements of people’s energy as part of his treatment and as a way to measure changes before and after treatment.

He asked me if I wanted to do an experiment to measure my vital force energy. I did. He explained to me that the normal area of an energy field was between 17,000 to 22,000 points. (You can learn more about this fascinating field at bio-well.com.)

When he measured my energy field through my fingertips, my energy field area was 25,159 points, with 94% symmetry.

That was beyond the norm for a very healthy and fit person. He was very impressed because it was the first time he ever saw so much energy in any person, let alone one who barely eats, and only for pleasure.

Below are my incredibly healthy energy readings, as you see all my body organs energy is in the green zone and my energy field is perfectly symmetric, with lots of energy in the root chakra.

After my energy field readings, I did research about the origins of Dr. Konstantine Korotkov and GDV Gas Discharge Visualization Technology and after confirming the high reputation and wide frame of uses for it, I decided to continue learning science while using technology with the participants of the process. I invite my new friend and GDV practitioner Frank Laros to come and to travel with me to my events and to do measurements to other people to see what happened in their energy field and physical body while evolving consciousness in the Process.

The Process for Living on Prana


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